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Our promise to you,

We take great care with the personal information that you provide to us, such as might include your email, your address, and telephone number.

We ensure that your personal information is used for legitimate purposes only, such as enabling us to respond to your queries and placing of orders, and records for our own business purposes. We do want to make sure you don't miss out on reading about the special things we do, so we may use your information to occasionally notify you about new chocolates or other nice things. Of course we will stop sending you anything along these lines if you let us know you would rather not receive it by sending an email to

We do not disclose your personal information to outside parties, unless we have to by law, in which case we would try and advise you, so long as it was lawful to do so; we also may disclose your personal information in the event that we were to sell the business, in which case it would be only to the prospective buyer so that they could continue to provide you with a top notch service; occasionally we might have to disclose it to our business associates, to ensure that we give you our good standard of service.

We ensure that your personal information is kept as secure as we keep our own information.

We do not sell or give your email addresses to any other organization without your express permission, which we would ask nicely for and which you a fully entitled to decline.


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